2022.01.24 08:15 jayswfitness Livermore

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2022.01.24 08:15 camelhunter1998 Planning on renting with some friends , how should we split the $555 per week cost

Hey everyone Planning on moving out with some friends. It’s 3 bedroom 2 bathroom with one being ensuite. I realise I am in a position to pay more to acquire the ensuite bedroom , but can I gain some opinions on how much extra ?
Thanks in advance ! :)
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2022.01.24 08:15 piszkor Connectivity issue on Garmin watches

So I have this strange issue, that drives me mad. Please help.
On both my Fenix 6 Pro and Vivomove Style I have issues, where I have to re pair the watches every time I go out of range.
So far it looks like it starts when I connect the watch to a PC, after that the watch goes crazy, and I have to re pair multiple times a day. On both of the watches I tried to reboot the watch and the phone, manually remove the watch from Connect, and re pair with the phone, even re intalled the Connect APP. On the Vivomove Style I have also done a hard reset and messed with anything I could, and it just stayed connected at some point.
Do I have to hard reset the Fenix too, to fix this madness? I really don't want to set up everything again every time I want to connect it to my PC.
I hope there is something to mitigate this, that I did not find yet.
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2022.01.24 08:15 hardstylelover150bpm Which is your favorite hardstyle playlist?

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2022.01.24 08:15 zakaria20199 NOSTALGIA inspo

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2022.01.24 08:15 Pepega420XXX Hello i have problem with this Network Connection is unstable. Please try again later. [3006]

Network Connection is unstable. Please try again later. [3006]
can some body help me with that ?
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2022.01.24 08:15 aqnayab123 Are You Looking For Cyber Security Courses Online in Australia?

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2022.01.24 08:15 Dirtydeedsinc [MMQB Discussion] This wasn’t about the coin toss or OT Rules. Coaching lost this game. Too conservative on Offense at times. Defense couldn’t make stops. Why did they squib?

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2022.01.24 08:15 AFullLoad69 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor

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2022.01.24 08:15 Guardian_of_ducks i’ve got no lesson for 2 hours and my friends all have lessons and i’ve got nothing to do

bottom text
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2022.01.24 08:15 BadassCrimsonGod I wish we got a version of the Dualsense without the newest Technology.

An Immersionless Version of the Dualsense would give nice Nostalgia to the PS5.
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2022.01.24 08:15 beangras Sophia with @awakeamilosky side by side ass

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2022.01.24 08:15 corn_rip_n_dip Terrible Anxiety over Boyfriends Child

I am a 27 F, my boyfriend of one year is 47. I know the age gap is substantial but before anyone knocks on it I will counteract the arguments before anyone brings it up. One, I am not a gold digger: we have about the same income, I actually make more than him, and we split bills/ rent/ and dates equally. He actually treats me out to dinner more often than I do or gets me gifts whenever he can. Two: I’m not being groomed because literally how? We met at work, both adults, and I knew him about a year before we started talking. I fell in love with him because he was the kindest, most attentive man I’d ever gotten to know. Being with him has shown me a side of love that I feel blessed to have and to be a part of. Three: he isn’t manipulating me: He respects my boundaries and my concerns, I have as much power as he does in this relationship.
But let me proceed to the meat of this post. I just knew I’d have to lay out a thicker background about our age gap because I know it's unconventional and people react differently to it.
Anyway he has a six year old son from a very brief relationship. Of course I knew about the kid when we first started dating and I told him I didn't feel so comfortable about it. Mostly because I’ve always felt very uncomfortable around kids, even around my own siblings' kids, who I love but can't bear to be around longer than a couple of hours. His response is that he’s not looking for a mother for his child, the kid already has that, and he put no pressure on me to meet him anytime soon, and said maybe my feelings would change. And I was hoping they would too.
My boyfriend has always had a very distant relationship with his kid, at most he sees him once a week, sometimes maybe even once a month. As our relationship grew, I started to feel resentful over the fact that he even has a kid. And I think it is just from me feeling selfish, wanting him all to myself and falling more in love with him to the point that I don’t like to think of him as a father to a kid that isn't ours. I feel horrible for thinking this and I got to a point that I would hate that I would be away at work and he would be spending time with his kid. I told him about all my insecurities with this and expressed to him that I don’t believe it’s healthy and maybe we should break up. But his response is he doesn’t want this to end our relationship and he loves me so much he doesn't want to lose me. I love him too and don't want this to end our relationship. But the feelings and resistance about the kid persist. I feel immature because it's just a kid and I have no responsibility over him. I’m also at an age myself where I could responsibly be having my own kids. I have terrible anxiety which makes this whole situation worse because I’m constantly dwelling on it and feeling like shit for feeling the way I do. I also think I ended up stigmatizing this poor kid in my own mind and turning him into something that is much more threatening than it really is.
I haven't met him yet because my anxiety about it runs too deep right now. When I think about it or talk to my boyfriend about it I go into full panic mode. My palms get sweaty, I shake, I get nauseous… but I feel it is important to express how I feel and make sure my boyfriends understands.
I’m scared the kid won't like me, or even worse, I won’t like him. I obviously have to accept him if I want to continue being in a relationship because he will always be in my boyfriend’s life.
I am asking for advice on how to deal with my aversion to kids, specifically his. I don't want this to ruin our relationship. Is there anyone out there that can relate to how I’m feeling? Or if anyone can relate to my situation and if so, what ended up happening?
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2022.01.24 08:15 SolaceInfotech How To Secure Angular Apps?

We all know that, AngularJS is an open-source front-end javascript framework and it provides convenient data binding options on client-side and. It allows developers to decouple HTML templates, leading to smoother development. AngularJS has some security features such as automatic output encoding, supports strict contextual escaping and has in-built content security policy but still it has its own issues that should be taken care of. Generally angularjs uses inline styles that can be easily bypassed by hackers through custom injected content. If you’re going to use AngularJS for your next project, then you must know how to secure angular apps. Here we’ll discuss about 10 best practices to secure angularjs app. Let’s see each one in detail.
10 Tips To Secure AngularJS App- 1. Prevent Apps From Cross-site scripting(XSS)- XSS allows hackers to add client-side script or malicious code into web pages that can be viewed by users. Mostly such attacks happened through query string, input field, request headers. To prevent XSS attack, we must present a user to enter malicious code from DOM. For instance, attacker can enter some script tag to input field and that might render as read-only text. When values are inserted into DOM through attribute, interpolation, properties etc. by default, Angular considers all values as untrusted. It escapes and sanitizes values before render. XSS related security in Angular defined in “BrowserModule”. DomSanitizer helps to clean untrusted parts of value. DomSanitizer class looks like-

export declare abstract class DomSanitizer implements Sanitizer { abstract sanitize(context: SecurityContext, value: SafeValue | string | null): string | null; abstract bypassSecurityTrustHtml(value: string): SafeHtml; abstract bypassSecurityTrustStyle(value: string): SafeStyle; abstract bypassSecurityTrustScript(value: string): SafeScript; abstract bypassSecurityTrustUrl(value: string): SafeUrl; abstract bypassSecurityTrustResourceUrl(value: string): SafeResourceUrl; } 
There are two types of method patterns: sanitize and bypassSecurityTrustX (bypassSecurityTrustHtml, bypassSecurityTrustStyle, etc.). Sanitize method gets untrusted value from context and returns trusted value.
The bypassSecurityTrustX methods gets untrusted values from context and as per the value usage it returns a trusted value. In a particular condition, you may need to disable sanitization. After setting any one bypassSecurityTrustX methods, you can bypass security and binding the value.
import {BrowserModule, DomSanitizer} from '@angulaplatform-browser' @Component({ selector: test-Component', template: ` 
`, }) export class App { public myHtml: string; constructor(private sanitizer: DomSanitizer) { this. myHtml = sanitizer.bypassSecurityTrustHtml('Example: Dom Sanitizer: Trusted HTML ') ; } }
Always be careful whenever you trun-off or bypass any security setting that might malicious code and we might inject a security vulnerability to the app. Sanitization inspect untrusted values and convert it to a value which is safe to insert into DOM tree. It doesn’t change value at all time and angular allows untrusted values for HTML, Styles and URLs. Here are some of the security contexts defined by Angular-
Also know- Top 10 Concepts To Know For Angular Developer
2. Use Security Blinters- Programmers can take an advantage of security linters to perform basic static code analysis and provide red flags for errors, bugs or security vulnerabilities. In AngularJS, we are talking about ‘eslint-plugin-scanjs-rules’a nd ‘eslint-plugin-angular’ that helps in general coding conventions, rules and guidelines about security.
Content-Security-Policy: script-src 'self' 
5. Prevent CSRF- It is also called as Session riding. Hacker copies forge as a trusted source and execute actions on user behalf. Such attack can harm business and client relation also. Most common mechanism used by HttpClient to support CSRF attack protection. When application made any http request, interceptor reads token data and set HTTP header. Interceptor sends app cookies on all request like POST etc. to relative URL, but it does not send cookies with HEAD/GET request and request with absolute URL. Hence, server need to set a token in Javascript readable session cookie on first GET request request or page load.
Through subsequent requests, server verifies this token with request header cookies. Such a way, server can ensure that code running on same domain. This token must be unique for every user and verified by server. CSRF protection should apply to server also. In angular app, you can use different names for XSRF token cookie or header. You can override the defaults value by using HttpClientXsrfModule.withOptions method.
imports: [ HttpClientModule, HttpClientXsrfModule.withOptions({ cookieName: 'my-Cookie', headerName: 'my-Header', }), ], 
6. Use Offline Template Compiler- Use offline template compiler to prevent security vulnerabilities known as template injection. It is suggested to use offline template compiler in production deployment. Generally Angular trusts on template code, hence someone can add vulnerabilities to dynamically created template as a result malicious attack on DOM tree.
7. Don’t Use DOM’s APIs Directly- It is recommended to use Angular templates instead of using DOM API like document, ElementRef etc. Angular doesn’t have control over these DOM API, hence it doesn’t provide protection against security vulnerabilities and attacker can inject malicious code in DOM tree.
8. Don’t Use Component With Known Vulnerabilities- There are lots of third-party libraries component and it is impossible to develop application without such libraries. Those libraries may have known vulnerabilities and that can be used by attacker to inject malicious code or data to app. These libraries can have security vulnerabilities like CSRF, XSS, buffer overflows and so on. Solution to this is-
9. Validate User Submitted Data On Server-side Code- It is good to validate submitted data on server-side code. This will help to prevent data related vulnerabilities. Some of the times, hacker can use XSS method and try to inject malicious data to app. Validating the data at server-side can prevent application from such attack.
10. Avoid Unsafe Patterns And Treat Templates Within One Application Context- Patterns like window.location.href = $location.hash could be direct invitation to hackers. Avoid open redirects and Javascript code injection and use dictionary maps for page references and navigation. Harmful server-side code injection by treating templates within a single application setting of one or the other customer or server. Avoid use of Angular’s angular.element() jQuery-compatible API for DOM manipulation that can create HTML elements directly on DOM, and this leads to more XSS vulnerabilities.
Future Of AngularJS Security- With lots of apps being developed rapidly, having human interventions to check incoming traffic is definitely not a long-term solution. And so here comes Runtime App Self-Protetcion (RASP). As opposed to general purpose firewalls or web app firewalls that simply block all suspect traffic and look for only parameter, RASP proactively intercepts incoming calls to app so as to check for malwares and threats. Since it integrates with the application, it neutralizes known vulnerabilities and also secures the application against unknown attacks.
It needs zero human intervention and provides contextualized service by taking necessary information from codebase, APIs, system configuration and so on. Since it is in the application, it restricts false positives and monitors the application closely to track untoward behaviour. It protects both web and non-web apps and can secure a system after an attacker has penetrated perimeter defences. Insights gained from app logic, configuration and data event flows ensure higher accuracies of threat detection and prevention.
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2022.01.24 08:15 Greyhuk CLEWS | Ep. 02: Furry Cat Litter & Jordan Peterson

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2022.01.24 08:15 Passi-RVN Earn Money by sharing your Internet with companies for business purposes

Hi, i have an idea, share your internet with Earnapp; they share your internet with companies and they use it for price checking etc, if you want you can use my referral link: But you dont have to, just delete the end of the url if you want to register without it.
They have a long faq and answers all the questions:
This company only shares it with companies, not "private people for illegal stuff"; couldnt find this website in this subreddit, so i thought i mention it, if referrals isnt allowed, im sorry.
If you have any questions, just ask me. :)
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2022.01.24 08:15 xavbabs KAGUYA SAMA ❤️LOVE IS WAR EDIT❤️ MINE ⭐

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2022.01.24 08:15 beer118 Valve sponsors more work to improve Linux graphics drivers

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2022.01.24 08:15 Abuhamdeh_ Just found out that if you type in "gang" on futbin gullit appears

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2022.01.24 08:15 Raznowik Walked through the caves and found such a generation of diamonds. Stone diamond ore and deepslate diamond ore. Settled on the first height.

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