Starting a new job whilst signed off sick from the old job

2022.01.24 07:09 saucyboggart Starting a new job whilst signed off sick from the old job

So I’m currently signed off work with stress as the place I work is such a toxic environment and management are vile bullies. I’m on sertraline but still get anxious when thinking about the workplace. I know deep down I just need to get a new job because the place is never going to change unless all the particular employees leave or get a personality overhaul which is entirely unlikely.
My question is: if I am signed off sick with that job but then happen to find another job, if I just quit said old job and refuse to do my notice due to the stress caused, can I start my new job despite still being signed off?
I know this is more work related but wondering if anyone else has had the same experience. My current employer really tipped me over the edge.
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2022.01.24 07:09 Bot_Highlights Masters Ash goes for Premature finish, goes down for it and leaves right before being saved | /u/FoxNova202

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2022.01.24 07:09 AgunimonK Sed life

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2022.01.24 07:09 Krunchy_Almond [SPOILER] Why is Wendy trying to buy people to come on board in the Byrde foundation ?

Hey, I'm in episode 3 of the 4th season and I am missing something important. I don't understand why Wendy is buying people like the old retired senator in episode 3. Also why is is such a asshole to here?
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2022.01.24 07:09 wuanlai65 AlienX a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game | Launching Now !!!

Welcome To AlienX
a Fantasy Anime Style PVP Play-To-Earn NFT game
Explore the world of Zaidara through a thrilling campaign mode, or battle PVP and reap the rewards
Fully Doxxed Team
Earn Rewards in BUSD
2 Full Audits Done (dessert finance & Techrate)
100% Transparency
V2 contract LAUNCHED on PCS!
NY billboards, celebrities and much more in the next few days.
3% Marketing Fee
1% Charity Donation
2% Buy Back Fee
3% Liquidity Premium
7% BUSD Reflections
3% Marketing Fee
1% Charity Donation
2% Buy Back Fee
3% Liquidity Premium
7% BUSD Reflections
Contract Address: 0x7f84f9A0ae61839D1eeD2B92d0F6AC4A4E59C35C
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2022.01.24 07:09 Insightful_Hare Laughing through the pain.

Laughing through the pain.
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2022.01.24 07:09 Bot_Highlights Gotta love the car | /u/Tizeps

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2022.01.24 07:09 Spirited-Toe Light summer vs bright winter

I think I am in one of these cool-neutral categories that feature clear, cool with a hint of warmth colors. How to identify which is the right fit?
It’s hard to identify my contrast level in an easy way because it can look high and then not very depending on lighting. I am definitely cleamedium to high chroma.
Are there any dealbreaker colors that would rule one of these out?
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2022.01.24 07:09 God_Grid_999 Right in your face FLAT-EARTHERS; Now don't you dare to call Earth FLAT

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2022.01.24 07:09 Bot_Highlights My best Wattson squad wipe - wait for the end.. | /u/rifraffe

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2022.01.24 07:09 TimesNowNews ELI5: PWM/Pulse Width Modulation. What does it actually do to the output? Examples?

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2022.01.24 07:09 Justin77E 5kg in 2 weeks??

Best way to drop 4kg(5 to play it safe) in a little over 2 weeks ?
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2022.01.24 07:09 well_its_u Hmmmm =)

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2022.01.24 07:09 Spiritual-Pear6093 I used to have a mischievous little trouble maker named Denney. I named her after “Dennis the Menace”

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2022.01.24 07:09 Bot_Highlights Teammates are good bait | /u/PincheFlakco

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2022.01.24 07:09 Soviet-onjen Aio va aircooling

im thinking about upgrading my cpu cooler i have been looking at two coolers the nh d15 and corsair h115i and i was wondering which one is the most quiet option and if there are any better options
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2022.01.24 07:09 Ralfop 2 In 1 Hair Straightener & Curler Create any hairstyle in minutes, from loose beach waves to tight ringlet curls and anything in-between! You’ll love the curls, waves and straight styles that 2 in 1 Hair Straightener and Curler creates! Any style is a matter of minutes away…guaranteed! 5-10 mins

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2022.01.24 07:09 Logix_Pops_Bloons Hi! Here's Some Rules:)

Welcome to my hub where we chat and have fun.
1:No Nudity
2: Don't Talk About Drugs And Alcohol
3:Keep This Community As Friendly And Welcoming As Possible
4: No Harassment/Bullying
5:No Impersonating Others
6:No Spamming And Constantly Asking For Something
7: I Can't Think Of Other Bad Things So Pls Keep The Community Clean (No Bad Things)
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2022.01.24 07:09 MisterPaintDude Comic #1, "Nationality"

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2022.01.24 07:09 acylum00 Sifu AMA 1/24 (discord)

Q = frogs A = sifu
Lots of good stuff in this edition - especially on rebase
Q: Why buyback...better we can kick in revenue sharing with higher APY this may help in increase the price of wMEMO and hence we can again start the bonding and increase the treasury and start the loop again and achieve $2B treasury??? A: We are doing both.
Q: well now since you talking about "fair" that means you are acknowledging the FACT that it has lost 59% .. fact that it has lost more than other cryptos A: OHM is down 66% during the same timeframe (one week), redacted down 78%, Klima down 64%. We are outperforming all alleged competitors.
Q: wow!! almost $100M spent of treasury to support 1 day of pricing.... A: We spent closer to $13mm since buybacks began. Not many frogs want to sell at this price.
Q: but if you keep buying then sooner or later all of the treasury will become wMEMO? A: Only if everyone including the team decides to sell at this price. I don't see that happening based on the minimal amount of buying we have had to perform so far.
Q: What guarantees are there that the buyback mechanism will respond in time unlike on the 18th? A: No guarantee that there won't be a delay, that's why I refer to it as a soft floor. I suggest watching your liquidation price. Those not levered will be unaffected by the delay.
Q: How much of the liquidations on Abra will make it back into Time's treasury assets? A: None. The free market performs liquidations and we have no way to tax them.
Q: just a thought, but would you think it'd be beneficial for you guys to purposefully avoid buying back for now in order to save the treasury? This is a long term project, so the HODLers will HODL. But this way you could maintain high treasury values so when this bear market is over, we will be poised to make major moves. My concern is we keep buying back, lowering backing price, lowering treasury value, so when we are all on the other side it will limit our growth. Of course if this were to happen, we'd need a very good press release and communicator to not cause panic, but just curious to your thoughts A: Buying back doesn't reduce the backing price as the tokens being purchased are taken out of circulation. I think this is important, frogs who need liquidity in these trying times should have access.
Q: What is the current amount of money the treasury used for buybacks? A: Around $30mm, or 4% of Treasury value.
Q: are buybacks not effecting the price due to sell pressure or are you waiting on a better entry point to buy? A: Buybacks are leading us to outperform the market. It's a bloodbath out there
Q: lot of people here was asking if Time has got anything to do with wMEMO price? Can you please clarify? A: Wmemo is made up of rebasing memo tokens which can be instantly converted to time, so yes there is a relationship.
Q: wouldnt it be possible that if the treasury keeps buying at the backing price (assuming btc continues to fall), it will be a never ending loop where the treasury funds just get depleted? A: If every single user decides to sell at this price, including the team, yes the treasury could become depleted. I think that's fine, if frogs need liquidity during these trying times: We will provide.
Q: Frogs are holding ser, it's the paper hands who are selling A: During this kind of market movement, I think it's more likely that they're selling to repay outside debts or hold stables out of fear.
Q: is there any plans for otc specially for whales selling so it doesnt effect the price? A: The pool is $200mm deep. Any whales looking for a sizeable otc know how to find me.
Q: does this mean the burn won’t make the backing go up? Since it’s out of circulation already? A: Correct. It reduces our fdv, not out MC. ———————————
Q: the wonderland devs must be getting hammered. We employ 10 devs in my business and they don't like constant changes and backflips.... which is all they seem to get from Dani/Sifu A: Our devs are paid to work, so they do what is needed. All changes have been what we think is in the best interest of the protocol. So far, the only material change for devs since launch has been shutting down the mints.
Q: He also did state if enough of the community supports ending rebases that it could be done A: Yes. We are a DAO, you are always welcome to push a decision through the framework.
Q: is it normal to wait 15mins or more for anyswap to bridge the WMEMO from FTM to AVAX? A: No, please contact anyswap support. Your transaction is likely stuck along with 20 of ours, which caused us to miss the top 20 snapshot.
Q: i use Wonderland site to bridge.. its still go through anyswap right? A: Yes. Same same.
Q: my apologies to summon you ser, regarding the NFT thing, do you know if we made it or not? A: We did not. Anyswap bridge failed again, 20 transfers stuck. A: They said today. I'm pushing. A: Anyswap bridge is backlogged, I'm told they will push all pending transactions through today.
Q: what about your reward you wanted to give to people who staked on popsicle? Will you make an announcement idk A: I made an announcement last night, please check #announcements . I'm giving everyone who participated an airdrop. As soon as the devs can.
Q: Guys what’s the best place to buy avax? A: Using MIM or wmemo: sushi
Q: what is the value of APY because know one is actually getting 80k APY?? A: Everyone is receiving 80% rebase reward. Nothing has changed since launch with regard to our rebase system. I have always been clear that APY is paid in memo, that's why it's sustainable and realistic.
Q: could you put out an announcement regarding the true source of value for wMEMO ie treasury investments and put the rebase/apy mentality to bed please? A: Too many users want it to remain, will have to be voted on through the DAO.
Q: It's also why it isn't a value increase. wMEMO does not increase. A: Rebase is paid on memo, not the wrapper. The quantity of memo which your wmemo can be unwrapped for increases every 8 hours. This makes many users happy
Q: but where the rebase comes from has changed has it not. Before it was a new token from mining/bonding. But now it's from divvying up the already existing Time/Memo into smaller pieces? A: Rebase has always come from the staking pool. It's minted there. Tokens don't come from anywhere, that's why they cause inflation.
Q: Sifu, why don't you find a way to pay out rewards in a stablecoin instead of inflating the native token?... A: The primary token is wmemo which stopped being inflationary days ago, capped at approx 17250 tokens outside of the DAO. Rebase to memo does not affect wmemo users unless they choose to unwrap. Rewards will be paid in a basket of earned tokens asap, this is part of the revenue share staking pool.
Q: You are no long getting paid by time being minted and bonded so now we just get a stock split so not paid in anything on the rebase. My 1 wmemo is worth anyone one else’s 1 wmemo no matter how long I have held it unfortunately A: You were always being paid in stock splits. The only difference is that you're no longer being dilluted by new tokens entering the market and earning their own rebase.
Q: So wtf is the point if investing in wonderland? Other than my donation of 60% of my money A: Same as investing in most companies. Expectation of revenue share.
Q: how are we rebasing if minting isnt possible on the website? is time being sold from the treasury to make up rebasing? im so confused A: Rebase rewards are minted by the staking pool, don't come from anywhere.
Q: If minting isnt possible on the website how are rebase rewards still being given, its literally crossed out under mint A: Minting previously triggered the staking pool to create rebase rewards. This can be still be done without the mint.
Q: The rebase confusion is because to many it seems do not realize that the TYPE of Time used in rebase has changed. Before, your wMemo pot of Time grew by the ADDITION of new Time created by minting/bonding. Thus you could mitigate a price drop/magnify price rises as your total NEW TIME increased. But as Sifu has explained, that model is not in use anymore and the Time rebases you see growing in your wMemo pot are simply the EXISITNG Time being split up i.e. no new value (stocksplit). And that's why the focus has now shifted to buying wMemo, as that's THE ONLY way at the moment to increase your pot value. The rebases in the pot don't increase your value as they use to once. So while it's true you can claim rebases still work, and your pot of Time/Memo increases, they have no bearing on your profit. All that now counts is how much wMemo you have. A: No, ser. Before, new time was being created which diluted your % of market cap. This is no longer the case. The rebase mechanism has not changed in terms of benefit for user. Think of it this way: If you have 1 cookie out of 10 in a package and I break it into smaller pieces every 8 hours, you could end up with 100 mini cookies in a few months which would still equate to 10% of the total number of cookies in circulation. Mints are basically someone baking an extra cookie and selling it to a user. You now have 1/11, so your cookie reduced in value no matter how many times I break it. Stopping mints shut down the bakery, your % of the total number of cookies no longer changes.
Q: Why continue rebases if they have no value creation to the wonderland users unless APY is just a lure to unsuspecting investors? A: I don't see how it misleads users. Unit bias is real and many users like to see their tokens multiply. If you don't, wrap your memo.
Q: so your telling me Time/Memo rebases are exactly the same as before? So why, in this flat market isn't my $$ value increasing? As it did under previous model? A: Flat market ? Ser avax is down 40% in 3 weeks, the rest of crypto is in that range. Look outside, it's an absolute bloodbath.
Q: So how does breaking my cookie into little pieces translate into any profit bro lol A: It doesn't. That's what revenue share is for. This is a new bakery which gives all sorts of valuable goodies to cookie holders.
Q: I know you guys are trying your best but can we plz roll out revshare asap (not just for revshare but also for publicity and demand for Wmemo that imo we need yesterday). A: It will be launched asap. I'm management, not a dev, so I want these things before I ask for them. I'm pushing devs regularly, they are doing their best.
Q: Yeah my ninja tell that to the guys who bought time at 8000-12000 A: Time was never 12k, but if you bought at the top and staked, you should be down approx 60%.
Q: Hey ser, down 60. Bought in early November and been dca at points which I thought were bargains after big drops. A: Sounds like the top, and an accurate representation of max possible loss. I will do my best to put you back in the green ser
Q: This is not true! Sorry but even you might make wrong statements once in a while. A: Math and replies here from users who bought the top seem to check out. ~60% loss for those who bought the top and staked.
Q: same i even bought lower than that 4.5k and still down 60% A: Correct, and I keep saying 60% so I'm confused by the confusion
Q: Bought at around 9K (140K wmemo) and staked since then. Still down 66% (wmemo 47650). So idk where you're getting that conclusion from sifu A: You bought the top, staked, and are saying that your loss is 6% higher than my estimation... Sounds like my estimation was pretty good
Q: I bought in early november and have been staking ever since, and i'm down more than 60%.. Some people are down even more you can't be serious 🤦‍♂️ A: The ~ means approximate ser. If I estimate 60%, I am not insulting you or calling you a liar for having a 61-66% loss in dollar terms.
Q: Im aiming for breakeven right now, down 45% of the $108k I put in around $3500k TIME price A: Did you invest 2-3 weeks ago? In that case yes, our app is not large enough to fight macro movements in the market. Everything nuked this month, avalanche itself is down another 40%.
Q: at the moment, there is no direct inherent value to wMEMO except for the promise of using it as a ticket to gain portions of profit sharing. Everything right now ($1 MM in profits) is just to build up the treasury, which has no direct correlation to the price of wMEMO, correct? How soon can we see profit sharing? It seems the only factor is relying on retail trading to move the price of wMEMO. A: Revenue increases backing which is the line being held on market, so I would say it's currently directly related to the price of wmemo.
Q: On other DAO tokens wrapping the token 'contains' the rebases e.g. OHM to gOHM. However with those tokens, when you unwrap you get more of the original unwrapped token and therefore more of the treasury when you sell. The unwrapped token yield in this case is predictable. Even the treasury of that DAO decreases, your still entitled to your portion/cut.
You've stated this is also the case with MEMO (TIME) and wMEMO. However if this was the case, then why is the value of wMEMO not increasing, and therefore each holders predictable allocation of the treasury and thus yield on sale?
In short, how can we as holders calculate future yield correctly? Because at the moment it just seems stagnant. A: There is no difference between the sohm > gohm relationship and the memo > wmemo relationship. We helped to create the wrapper at Olympus, works exactly the same. The value of wmemo is not increasing for the same reason that the value of gohm is decreasing: Market action, users selling.
Q: ummmm guys i just did the math and I don't think we are actually getting 72k APY.
Think about it, if we just get over 1% per day, how can we get 72k APY if there are only 365 days in a year?..... seems sus to me... A:
Q: why didn't you stop inflation sooner? Seems like it was a flip of the switch. A: Happy to sell at the previous premium to backing. Not interested in selling time at these low prices.
Q: The point I'm making is that it doesn't even seem like 'stock split' anymore with wMEMO c.f. gOHM and others. If it was a stock split, then our value of wMEMO and thus share of the treasury, would increase with each 'split' even if the treasury/market cap remained stagnant. A: No, you don't gain that kind of value during a stock split. If you have a cookie in a jar and I take it out, break it into pieces to make 3 smaller cookies, your cookies do not take up additional space in the jar. Your jar fill size and % of market cap are unchanged.
Q: I know u and the team work hard on managing this treasury. My question is was the growth of the treasury due to bonding slowing down? because it seemed to be so effective at growing the treasury even though it was dilutive. Do you feel like this VC model will grow it faster? A: Treasury has stopped growing from dilutive mints, we now only grow from investment and trading profits.
Q: Jade proticol be taking notes rn A: I member when they swore up and down that we would never keep our promise regarding buybacks.
Q: no airdrop from Popsicle finance staking, very vague directive. Still no airdrop of bsgg...been hodling since november. WTAF devs? A: Popsicle finance staking took place yesterday. Airdrops take time to prepare accurately and inclusively. Please be patient, devs are doing their best.
Q: we will have more Stable farming pool to generate more and more rev share A: Yes. I'm designing a 100% Apr strat for Abra which will launch shortly. Wonderland will receive priority allocation.
Q: Is this UST strat on FTM? A: No, I designed that one a long time ago and wonderland owns 35% of the farm.
Q: Rebase is completely fake. Except for one thing. Sifu and his team get 5% of every rebase. That's how they get paid. You get your pizza cut up and they get a share. I don't like it. A: I don't like having to pay people to work either, but unfortunately it's necessary to get anything done.
Q: Oh and by the way. Dani owns 90% of the SPELL token. Spell is what loaned your leverage and took your fee out. I was so angry when I learned that. A: Dani does not own anywhere near 90% of the spell token. This is a flat out lie.
Q: They get 20% of a fixed amount. Sifu and his team get 5% of an infinitely growing supply. Their allocation never ends. Absolutely brilliant of him. A: The allocation is paid in dillutive time, wraps into wmemo which is fixed. End result, the main difference between token allocation at Wonderland and most other apps is that we receive less than half of what is paid everywhere else.
Q: So are you saying I will earn $2000 per 1 wMEMO I hold what how is that profitable for anyone A: You're earning that for holding wmemo, not for spending it. Every dollar of revenue share is profit for you.
Q: Hello there master I have a question for you and that is: Is it better now to buy TIME or wMEMO directly? And if I have TIME staked and am still at loss with it, would it be better to hold until not at loss and and then wrap or wrap right now? Actually it's 2. 🤣 And thank you very much! A: Wmemo has more liquidity so you are likely to see a better price when swapping directly for it. I recommend holding, and not selling into the supported backing price.
Q: Only in crypto would we complain about 100% on stables… because its basically impossible without some highly risky mechanic that we arne't aware of A: Carry trade. We have access to Abra who will provide cheap loans for us to invest elsewhere.
Q: will wonderland still benefit from Andres NFTs through other partnerships like Abra or sushi? A: Yes.
Q: Any thoughts on adding BTC or ETH to the treasury since they are the top 2 coins and will probably remain that way. A: We have 8 figures of eth and btc in treasury, farming through tricrypto2.
A: We are at backing price and are holding the line, why do you think users would sell down to half of this price ?
Q: Hey man, what’s your biggest focus right now for wonderland? Releasing the revenue share? A: Updated docs, snapshots, revenue share pool, increasing revenue.
Q: Frankly, didnt learn about the project until that time. Big fan from everything I read, am still hodl, and I did the Fantom wMemo move as well. I dont see why I should be faulted for this. A: You aren't faulted at all ser, merely pointing out that this has been a terrible time in the market for all apps. We will continue doing our best to increase revenue and support backing price.
Q: I will say one thing, no other project with a MC/treasury this size has someone like sifu willing to come in here and talk daily, answer questions, take verbal beatings. That has to mean something…it does to me. A: Thank you ser. Your comment means a lot to me as well <:hugheart:>
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2022.01.24 07:09 No_Requirement_2072 industrial and organizational psych

i took positive psych with traver so i am wondering if discussions will be the same? we each were assigned a person to discuss with at anytime before the die date. will this class require you to go to class on discussion days?
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2022.01.24 07:09 Novel_Player Which one to watch first ?

So I just finished watching season 1, now should I continue watching season 2 or watch the movie: mugen train first ?
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2022.01.24 07:09 FallCompetitive7976 24-January I am still here

It is 24-January 10:09. I am peaceful.
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